8 Reasons Why Women Make Better Managers


Whether it’s about running a household or business, management skills come naturally to women. It’s in their nature to shoulder an entire burden of responsibilities and handle everything producing perfect results. Their inherent qualities like abundant patience, exceptional communication skills and the habit of giving everyone an equal say in every crucial matter make them way different from men.

Here are eight reasons women make better managers than men:

1. They’re better listeners.

Since managers have to deal with a team of people with different points of view and thinking, they need to have exceptional listening skills. Women are better listeners, and that helps them rightly assess every situation and build a good image in front of the team. Since they always pay undivided attention to their teammates and take note of every minute detail to solve their grievances, women managers are liked better than their male counterparts.

better listeners
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2. They’ve abundant reserves of patience.

As a manager, you need to be extremely patient while dealing with the tantrums of the entire team. While men are not that great at doing a good job here, women usually tend to excel at having higher patience levels. Women managers, therefore, aim at the personal development of every single member of the team rather than merely looking into the growth of the team as a whole.

3. They’re more empathetic.

Empathy is an essential quality every manager must possess. Women tend to understand their teammates’ issues better and offer full empathy in the case of an unfortunate incident or any other emergency of a similar kind. Their kindness wins them extra points and makes them more accessible and hence more popular as compared to male managers.

4. They’re great communicators.

Thanks to their highly efficient communication skills, they prove to be better at managing people. Instead of taking an impulsive decision, they indulge in intelligent conversations with their team and find the perfect solution. This also makes them great problem-solvers.

5. They’re better at networking.

Networking is quite an essential skill every manager must possess. Women are naturally good at it and their flawless communication skills help them network better. In today’s time, making connections is quite essential to making your business grow and with women managers the chances of a business flourishing just multiply.

better at networking
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6. They’re way more organized.

With their highly efficient organizational skills, women hardly miss deadlines and are hence more likely to take a business to new heights. Instead of randomly burdening their team with lots of work, they plan it all out. They ensure that their team starts working way before the deadline so that they don’t miss any crucial deadlines and don’t stress out either.

7. They’re better at engaging people.

Multiple studies have shown that women leaders prove to be better at engaging their teams as compared to male managers. The primary reason for a better engagement ratio as compared to men is their powerful observation skills. They know what motivates their team and what’s required to keep them engaged.

8. They appreciate good work more frequently.

Women managers pay extreme attention to details and hence notice a good job immediately. As they tend to appreciate good work often and offer rewards and recognition, they’re more popular among the team as compared to male leaders. Being more likable as a manager is always a good thing.

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