Yoga Poses to Re-Energies Yourself

Yoga is one of the greatest stress busters that helps you re-energize and attain calmness of body and mind. It is one of the most effective practices to tackle high pressure lifestyles and maintain the balance in your life. Yoga gives a lot of importance to the breathing pattern that also helps to re-energize. Here […]

Unusual Nail Arts That Will Make You Stand Out

  Feeling like it’s been way too long since you got your last manicure done? Or are you one of those few women who hasn’t ever indulged in this luxury? Maybe you think you haven’t got the time to invest in having women going about your fingertips with precision. Nails are often the most ignored […]

Best Way to Celebrate Independence Day with Your Women Gang

  Having a girl gang is the most amazing thing. The bonding that you share with your girl gang is one of the strongest as you share your deepest secrets with them, hangout together, gossip, go through ups and downs together and are always there for each other. You just need a reason to gang […]

Why You Need To Consider These 7 Things Before Getting A Tattoo

Image Source: Bustle Chances are you’ve been blown over by the tattoo wave, and are eager to get one yourself. Maybe you’ve already decided to get one on your next birthday and panned out where you’re going to get inked as well. Or chances are that you’re not sure of anything apart from the fact that […]

Essentials For Every Fashionable College Going Girl

Image Source: Make Up And Beauty With colleges reopening and new plans being made every day- we thought we’d help you stock up your wardrobe with a few things that are important. With this back to college guide, you won’t miss out on any part of the college-fashion experience. While college is often stressful to […]

How To Wear Pink This Holiday Season

  Image Source: Playbuzz Despite all the taboo surrounding pink, we have to agree all shades of it are lovely and cheery. If your wardrobe is full of pinks and you tend to gravitate to pink each time you’re at a store, then you’re bound to pack a lot of pinks on your next holiday […]

Dress Up This Weekend With These 7 Looks

Image Source: The Girl From Panama Weekends warrant some amount of laziness. You’ve been at the top of your game all week and you deserve to take a breather and keep it casual. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable while choosing to be easy going about it. If you’re looking to go beyond […]

Why Kurtis Will Always Be Fashionable

  Image Source: Youtube You don’t have to be in love with ethnic wear to know that Kurtis will never go out of fashion. Not only are they a necessity in every woman’s wardrobe, but they’re also absolute life-savers when you’ve nothing to wear. So before you think that your kurti is no longer going […]

Rock Your After-Work Party Look With These Styles

Image Source: Refinery 29 Nothing like unwinding after a long day at work is there? If you’re hitting the club or a pub with your colleagues after hours and you’re super tired and worn out, you’re going to want to fix yourself up before you head out. We’re here with some styles that you can […]

Re-invent Your Look This Summer With These Styles

Image Source: Wallpapers Craft Summer-time is equivalent to throwing out the old and welcoming-in the new. Clear out your closet because we’ve got summer trends for you that you’ll want to wear over and over again. Say goodbye to the regular crop tops and shorts that you’d planned on wearing this season. Here’re all the […]

8 Kurtas You Need To Buy Before They Sell Out

Image Source: Indian Retail Review If you’re a total ethnic babe and you love experimenting with your Kurtis, then you’d know what we mean when we say that kurtis go out of stock incredibly quick! Just as you’ve managed to find the right cut, color and size for yourself, and are ready to hit that […]

8 Bags For The Bag-Loving Woman

Image Source: Boe Magazine Whether it’s the plethora of beautiful designer bags that the women in SATC flaunt, or the ones that Anne Hathaway accessorizes her glam outfits with in The Devil Wears Prada; if your eyes get glossy at the sight of bags, then you must make sure that you have all of these […]

Must-Have For The Perfect Summer Vacation

Image Source- We Design (LA) Summers are defined by packed bags, tickets to hill stations, beaches, family-time and fizzy drinks. There’s a good chance you’re headed to a cool vacation spot with your friends, family, or just by yourself this holiday season. When it comes to summers, it’s inevitable that you have everything you might […]

How To Get The Coolest Holiday Look In Town

Image Source: The Tipz You’ve finally managed to get some time out of a busy schedule to go on that trip you’ve been wanting to go on for the longest time now. You’ve got the schedule down to perfection and you’re all set to have the best time of your life. You’re all set to […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Looking Taller

Image Source: Fashion Pristine Despite all that hype and, not to mention, all those memes assuring us that being short and tiny really does equate to being cute- those of us not very gifted in the height department are bound to wish we were taller (a few more inches please, Lord). While we can’t really […]

How These 8 Habits Are Undermining Your Weight Loss Regime

weight loss regime

If your BMI still indicates ‘overweight’ when you could swear you haven’t picked up that bar of chocolate all week, you know something’s wrong with your weight loss regime. The journey to losing weight isn’t simply dictated by a diet or an exercise program, it’s a combination of these things and more often than not, […]

Styling Hacks You Wish You Knew Before

If you’re wearing the same old outfit for the millionth time, you’re bound to get bored of it if you didn’t know how you could style it differently. In fact, we wouldn’t feel the need to cry out ‘I have nothing to wear’ each time we look at our wardrobe or feel like we aren’t […]

The Essentials You Need To Pack This Holiday Season

summer essentials

Some of us tend of leave packing off to the last minute, and those of us who don’t, tend to be extremely confused about all the things that we might need on the trip. With even the most meticulous planning, it’s very easy to forget a couple of things that then makes getting by on […]

How to Style Your Bottoms Right

style your bottoms right

So you’ve picked up that pair of leggings that fit you perfectly in the store and were on discount. Or maybe you’ve found the kind of jeans you’d seen on your favourite celebrity and can’t wait to wear it. The art to styling lies in knowing how to match them with the right kind of […]

9 Essentials Summer Looks For This Summer

summer essentials

Summers are the perfect time to experiment with your style. If you’re a summer baby that loves getting herself a makeover each summer, or if you hate the sun and would rather make up for your distaste for it by falling in love with clothes instead then this feature is for you. With a plethora […]