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Why Staying Fit is so Important now?


From health experts to doctors to celebrities, everyone is talking about staying fit during COVID times. UN & WHO have also spoken about the importance of fitness during this pandemic induced lockdown, which is creating a great risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and mental illness. According to WHO, even a short break from sitting and doing 3-5 minutes of physical movements, such as walking or stretching can help you from muscle strain, mental tension and improve blood circulation. Fitness and health experts and suggesting 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity or workout per week.

Why Staying Fit is so Important now?
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Lockdown has stopped us to go to gyms or yoga classes, even in few areas, going out for a walk to the park is also not allowed. By now most of us got used to shopping online, be it buying a kurta online to the grocery. So, how will you do your workout and stay fit? Well, there are plenty of health and fitness apps that providing exercise at home videos and online training. You will also find a lot of videos online that might help you. Fix a time when you should do your daily workout. The best is to do it for half an hour to an hour in the morning before you start your day. Here are a few reasons why you should make this a habit.

Say bye to Sickness: 

Regular exercise keeps your immunity levels high which not only means no common colds each time the weather changes but also lesser risks of arthritis, stroke, diabetes and more. During this time, immunity is one of the most important aspects we all should look at.

Long Healthy Life:

It isn’t just about the abs or the beach body that you can achieve from a workout, exercise keeps you fit and hearty for long. You’ll be paying more attention to your health as you get older and you will understand the importance of investing time in taking care of your body.

Feel Better about Yourself:

Exercising regulates your weight and keeps your stamina going. When you hit those goals at the gym or finish that 30-day eating healthy, your self-belief is boosted, and you’re bound to be proud of yourself.

Stay Disciplined:

A fit life not only improves your willpower but also instils a sense of discipline in you. This discipline will translate into your work life and personal relationships as well. As all of us are working from home now, staying disciplined will help you to manage time effectively as well.

Look Good, and Feel Good:

Who doesn’t like to look good, well fit, and tone? Staying healthy helps improve your skin and your mental health. We cannot stress more on mental health than now when there is so much chaos and negativity outside.





Why Staying Fit is so Important now?

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