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WEEBLE: Your Personal Virtual Stylist!


WEEBLE, The Style Beetle By W…

Recently W has launched WEEBLE…what is it? Well, Weeble is your personal stylist that redefines your style.

Sounds cool right?

So, let us introduce to your virtual stylist, here.

Weeble- The Stylist That Never Sleeps

While you land on W page, there you will find many options to explore along with the Weeble. Seeing the current situation if you afraid from going to physical stores or stepping out, don’t worry, just chill with Weeble in the comfort of your home. It will identify your personality and suggest you with more options to freshen-up your wardrobe for summer 2020 season.

It is a Q/A that asks you general questions on what you will prefer to do choose according to a situation. It has 5-questions and you have to answer each, then after analyzing your personality based on your answers it will give you styling tips, options from W kurta, dress, and other collections. It will also suggest what colors theme will suit you and footwear to pair with outfit inspirations for an amazing look.

It has a lot of benefits and we have listed all the benefits below, so check it out.

Benefits from Weeble

It is a virtual stylist that is the best thing you already know about it. However, apart from this, look below for more benefits that you will get from it.

How Weeble will help you?

  • Analyze your personality.
  • Give a personalized styling experience.
  • After relieving your personality type, you will get the fashion suggestions from it.
  • It tells you about what styles will go with your personality.
  • Suggests you Trend colors and Trend pick.
  • Suggest the wardrobe mix.
  • Gives you more options for W kurta, dresses, drapes, footwear, and so on to pick.

Hence, by getting all the suggestions and options to shop from W online store, you can give a makeover to your wardrobe. We hope Weeble will help you out in selecting outfits according to your style.

Happy shopping!

WEEBLE: Your Personal Virtual Stylist!

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