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Unusual Nail Arts That Will Make You Stand Out



Feeling like it’s been way too long since you got your last manicure done? Or are you one of those few women who hasn’t ever indulged in this luxury? Maybe you think you haven’t got the time to invest in having women going about your fingertips with precision. Nails are often the most ignored part of any outfit despite the fact that they can make any outfit pop. Most of us who do hit the parlor for a manicure, don’t go beyond the traditional options (Single-color coats and French Manicure come under this, yes). So if you feel like you simply can’t imagine how your nails would make a difference, or if you’re just bored of the same old French manicure, we’ve put together a few cool and funky nail art options for you that we’re sure you’ll love.


1. Food Lover 

Image Source: The Nail Pro (Tumblr)

If you call yourself ‘a foodie at heart’ then you mustn’t miss out on showing that off in your nail art! From burgers to fruits (if you’re a health freak!) there are tons of options to explore. And let’s not forget the all-time, all-woman favorite- chocolate.

2. Glitterati

Image Source: Nail Arts Design

If you’re someone that loves a little (or a lot of) bling, then this one’s for you. Great choice to spunk up any dressy evening, you could choose to go all out and paint all your nails with a lot of glitter or tone it down with just a few nails alternating with solid colours or even transparent shades. You could experiment with black base and multi coloured glitter, or even silver glitter on a pink base!

3. Denim

Image Source: YouTube

How could denim not be mentioned here? If your week is looking casual and you want to funk it up, denim nail art designs are yours to conquer. Team them up with a casual tee and jeans, or even a dungaree, or shorts.

4. Printed

Image Source: YouTube

Do you always go for the animal printed top when you can? Do you absolutely love cartoons? Go for printed options and show off your interests. Opt for beach prints with coconut trees and umbrellas if you’re headed to a summer vacation or go for butterfly wing prints over neon shades for a funky look.

5. Stick Ons

Image Source: Nail Arts Design

Rhinestones look both classy and fancy at the same time. They can get a bit tricky to nail (pun intended) but once they’re done right, they look absolutely flawless. If you’re attending a wedding, a dance event or a classy evening, don’t hesitate to get some rhinestones jewels on your fingers. Don’t forget to go for a baser colour than usual before you do so.

6. Selective Art

Image Source: Libby Spink Vanity

You might argue with us and say that you quite like your regular French manicure. May we then suggest you experiment with getting your next French manicure with a twist? Opt for a rainbow shade or any other base colour instead of the usual white. Or add a funky twist and add glitter or stones over the usual white, instead.

7. Nails Talk

Image Source: Decenails

Just like t-shirts with cool captions are funny and good options for a casual day out, you can get your nails to talk as well. Maybe get your favorite internet slang on one of your nails, or just any word that you might want people to associate with you. You could even experiment with having symbols on most of your nails and text on just one.

8. Black and White

Image Source: Etsy

How could we miss out on the classics? Experiment with almond shaped nails and black and white prints and options that can go with any outfit. You could even make a bold statement at your office with this combination.

Unusual Nail Arts That Will Make You Stand Out
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