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This Diwali, let’s go back to the basics with family!


Diwali is the most awaited festival of the year where we all have fun and laughter together. But remembering what Diwali used to be in our childhood, things have been changed a lot. With embracing modernity in every aspect of life, we have somehow forgotten the significance of rituals. Partying in clubs at night is the only way we know to celebrate.
Blame it on odd-working hours or the high cost of living, but somehow we have lost the true essence of the festival. Apart from wearing the new clothes and partying hard, Diwali is about love, family bonding and celebrating together. So this time let’s celebrate in a way that the real essence of the occasion remains intact.
Check out some awesome ways to celebrate Diwali with your loved ones:

Home Makeover!

Makeover is always good, either of your personality or home. This Diwali, give your home a complete change and do this task with your family. Be it only changing bed sheets and drapes or moving furniture to a new location, this entire process will allow your family to have some chit-chat and fun together.

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Make someone smile!

There must be some cause for which you and your family want to contribute. So, why not bring a smile to someone else’s face this Diwali. You and your family can celebrate this festival at an orphanage by giving small gifts to those underprivileged children. Also, if your family loves pets, you can give home to street dogs or cats. Also, you can make a donation to an important cause to get satisfaction.

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Light up!

Lighting lamps and diyas are the must-have part of celebrations. Decorate your home with a series of diyas and enhance the festive mood with rangoli and traditional lamps. Let each and every family member take part in this so that you all can enjoy the festivities to the fullest. After all, these small things bring families together.

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Music forever!

Dancing and singing are the favorite part of celebrations. This Diwali, arrange a musical night at home and let every family member take part in it. Begin the evening with traditional Lakshmi Puja following some fun games like dumb charades, musical chairs and let this amazing night comes to an end with delicious food and lots of chitchat.

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Well, this is just an idea about celebrating the festival of lights with family and you can always find new innovative ways of doing it. So get ready to make this Diwali a memorable day for your loved ones.

This Diwali, let’s go back to the basics with family!
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