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Thinking of Fashion Blogging? Here are a few tricks for you!


Many of you are doing work from home for the last few months and few of you must be thinking of continuing work from home as it gives you freedom in a lot of ways. There are plenty of options for working from home nowadays and one of which is Fashion Blogging. You must be wondering how these fashion bloggers make so much money! But do you know the secrets behind their success? Here we will talk about a few tricks with you.

Be Unique & Fresh!

You cannot ignore the fact that you’re entering a crowded area. There are many fashion bloggers and fashion influencers available in the market, so what you giving to your audience should be different than others. Figure out your area of expertise and make sure that you are providing fresh and unique content. For example, if you are planning to write about women kurta, kurti, kurta sets or anything similar in ethnic wear segment, come up with something that is not available currently, so that anyone can distinguish you from others. This is the most important part of your blog regardless of marketing and promotion.

Collaborate with Brands that match with your expertise:

Once you set up your blog and know your readers, the next is adding a product line that suits your audience. This is one of the most popular ways to increase income. Brand collaboration is promoting the brand by wearing that brand’s garments or a complete fashion production. Earlier this was done through fashion magazines, now everything goes online through social media. The most important thing to keep in mind is the tie-up with brands and products that match your content and expertise. If your content talks about kurtas then make sure you tie up with brands that sell women kurta online.

Go for Affiliate Marketing since the beginning:

Once you have a website, you should go for affiliate marketing. You will find brands like Vogue, cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ and many other brand links on every fashion blog site. These brands will help you to make money through your website. As brand collaboration may take some time, this way you can make money since beginning.

Be open for related brand campaigns:

It is the same as wearing branded garments and walking on the ramp. Brands will pay for doing campaign videos and posting blogs on social media. You will find brands that will pay you to host or attend their events and promote the brand on social media.

Thinking of Fashion Blogging? Here are a few tricks for you!

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