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Some Unique Ideas to celebrate New Year


2020 is about, to begin with, all new hopes, resolutions, dreams and much more. It is not just a beginning of a new year but a new decade. Thereby, the celebration needs to be unique and bigger to bring in the New Year this time. With only a few days left for the night of celebration, plans and ideas are already spinning in everyone’s head. However, deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve is no easy game.

Here are a few innovative ideas to ring in the year this time.

1. Cook an extravagant meal

You can plan a family lunch or dinner with an elaborate menu for the D-Day. Invite over friends and family and enjoy the meal together while sharing and remembering the year went by. If you feel you can also turn this into a potluck, with everyone bringing a dish they best cook.

2. Host a wine tasting

Start your New Year but a fun learning experience. Host a party with a theme, example “Around the World”, invite a sommelier/a local wine expert and get going. Lay out a spread with cheese, crackers, fruit, etc. and every one can get one dish from the country they get, to make it a night to remember.

3. Game Tournament

Get the party going by hosting a Game Tournament! Invite your friends and dust off that box of cards or Monopoly board and set up a game tournament. This can be lots of fun and is a great way to get everyone involved in some good natured competition. Be sure to make the rules clear so everyone is on the same page. May the best person win!

4. Pajama Party!

What’s better than a pajama party! Put together a playlist with your favourite songs of the year, get your girl gang together, put on your most comfortable and fashionable pajamas, turn up the music, and dance until you’re out of breathe. Take lots of pictures and invite friends—the more the merrier!

5. Go for a Trek!

For the adventure enthusiast out there, this is the best way to celebrate the New Year! What better than going for a trek and waking up to a beautiful sunrise view in mountains. Rewind the previous year in your head and think of your plans for the upcoming one. You can also plan a camping trip with your friends along with the bonfire and marshmallows to get the party going.

6. Dance the night away!

Dancing is the most loved way of expressing oneself. Bring in the New Year while hitting a dance floor in a club or a bar. If you don’t want to go out, you can also organise a dance party with your friends on the Xbox or host a Zumba Dance Party.

7. Host A Pampering Party!

You need to relax before the craziness of the New Year begins! Do something unique and rather than the traditional drinks and a buffet, get all your close friends together for a pampering session. Hire a beauty or massage therapist to provide treatments for you and your friends, or stock up on face masks and manicure kits for a bit of home pampering. For refreshments, provide small snacks with smoothies or mocktails.

These are a few ideas & you can surely add many more things to this. So go on & plan a blast to welcome 2020!

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Some Unique Ideas to celebrate New Year