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Quick tips to get ready for an unpredictable monsoon!


After bearing a scorching weather, it’s time to take a sigh of relief. All thanks to the pleasant monsoon which has already arrived. I am sure you must be enjoying those little monsoon showers. However, the season also causes tons of problems like traffic jam due to waterlogging, getting drenched, dirt or mud stains on your favorite outfit, etc. Due to these unpleasant experiences, you may want to stay away from monsoon.

Here let’s check out how you can save yourself yet enjoying the season to the fullest:

Give your jeans a break!

Yes, you heard it right! Monsoon is the perfect season to make way for your shorts or capris. These bottoms will lessen the discomfort even if you get drenched in a sudden shower. Also, choose the capris or shorts that are fairly loose to let them dry quicker.





















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Let your Pastels take some rest!

Even if you love pastels a lot, this is a not a season to wear them. Go for dark or vibrant outfits to avoid stains. Revamp your wardrobe with hues like dark greens, mustard or navy blues to add a little vibrancy to a dull and cloudy environment.



A big no to body-hugging/transparent outfits!

It’s the season to avoid tight or body-hugging outfits as these will not look good if you will get drenched suddenly. Instead, get ready with your loose-fit tops or tunics. Fabric like lycra or polyester are perfect as they are wrinkle-free and get dry quickly.

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Comfortable & Sturdy Footwear!

This is not the time to show off your delicate and fancy footwear. It is important to choose comfortable footwear with a good grip to prevent slipping. Floaters or sneakers are ideal for this weather and will keep you safe from water puddles.

Above all, don’t forget to carry an ultra-light windcheater or umbrella in your bag. It will protect you from sudden drizzles keeping your clothes dry.


















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Quick tips to get ready for an unpredictable monsoon!

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