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Why Not Whites This Monsoon?


Monsoon is one of my favorite seasons, the drizzles, fresh green leafs and some relief from the scorching sun. But as the monsoon comes the first thing comes to all of ours mind is what to wear. As Indian roads are never too smooth wearing light colors while going out is a little risky matter. I am sure you would say white is complete No! But we say why not white? If you know few tricks and tips of wearing white then it’s one of the best colors you can go for this monsoon.

1. Try cotton dress or kurtas and put a layer on top. You can add a light shirt or jacket on top or your dress and a gilet with your white kurta. The good thing about the layering in rain is that whites are mostly transparent, so even if you get drench in rain the top layer will cover the transparent whites.

2. Go for thick cotton. Why we stressing on cotton is because it’s comfortable and breathable fabric. In India with rain, the weather becomes rather humid than cold. Cotton helps to avoid skin irritations as well.

3. Pick dark contrast for your white kurta. Colors like black, maroon or blue can be picked as bottom wear as these are bright and complement white perfectly.

If you are still too scared to wear white in monsoon then you can go for white accessories, like a white sling bag or tote to add a touch of classiness to your look. We have picked few whites from W for you this monsoon:

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Why Not Whites This Monsoon?

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