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Neem Oil: Its uses & benefits!


Neem is one of the most precious and oldest medicinal herbs in our Ayurveda. Packed with anti-bacterial properties, it works great for skin infections, dry scalp and burns. The whole Neem plant is full of benefits as you can use its flowers for curing intestinal worms, anorexia and nausea. Unlike Neem, its flowers are sweet and its fragrance can be used to relax and calm the mind. Even the neem twigs acts as a natural toothbrush keeping bacteria away and treats infected gums. But let’s come to the main part Neem oil. Extracted from neem seeds, it has bunch of health benefits as well as used in many beauty products as an ingredient. So read on to know more about this natural boon!

Uses of Neem Oil

Revives dry skin!

Owing to environmental stress and pollution, your skin gets dull and dry. It’s the time when you need to look for neem oil. Being hydrophobic in nature, it doesn’t gel with water. However, don’t apply it directly as it can lead to irritation and rashes. Dilute it with coconut oil, lavender or lemon essential oils to get the most out of it.

Keeps skin acne-free!

Acne is result of excess amount of sebum produced by skin pores. When this sebum gets mixed with dust and grime, it blocks the pores causing acne. Neem oil removes pimples, reduces scars and treats the itching and pain caused by acne. Before applying it to your face and body, mix it with olive oil depending upon your skin sensitivity.

A natural sunscreen!

When your skin gets exposed to the sun, UV rays penetrate leading to the destruction of collagen layer. It results in wrinkles, acne and fine lines. Sunscreens are usually packed with harmful ingredients and therefore it is best to use the natural remedy. Neem oil has antioxidants and fatty acids that help in restoring and repairing the collagen layer.

Get rid of dandruff

As neem oil is the best cure for dryness, it is the perfect solution to dandruff problems. Apply neem oil to your scalp, wash it after an hour and coat your hair strands with coconut oil afterwards.

Neem Oil Benefits:

  1. It prevents cancer by making your immune system stronger.
  2. It helps in curing herpes, smallpox, chicken pox and hepatitis B by destroying the viruses.
  3. Neem oil has several benefits for hair. It is an easiest way to get rid of split ends by moisturizing your strands from the roots.
  4. Say goodbye to blackheads by applying diluted neem oil on your face. Just two or three drops are enough and you can notice a major difference in a month.
  5. Mosquitoes can’t stand the odour of neem and hence it works as a mosquito repellant.
  6. Give your furry friend a relief from skin infection by spraying neem oil and water and make the pet wear an E-collar. After a few hours, wash your pet with soap and water.

Although Neem oil has countless benefits, it is not at all advisable to consume it in excess. At times, it may cause some side-effects like allergic reactions, upset tummy, tiredness, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it under doctor’s guidance.

Neem Oil: Its uses & benefits!

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