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Going for a Destination Wedding? We have a checklist for you


Image Source: limeroad.com
Image Source: limeroad.com

You are excited about going for a destination wedding but thinking about what to pack, how to pack. We’ve made a checklist to make this task easier for you.

1. Passport, ID cards, Tickets

2. Credit or debit card

3. Camera and phone charger(If possible carry portable charger)

4. Attire based on the events

5. Comfortable clothes and shoes to roam around the place

6. Swimming suit (depends on the place)

7. Shoes to match your attire and a pair of flip-flop

8. Jewelry and make-up

9. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat

10. Medicines and a small water bottle

There are few things you should keep in mind while packing

✔ Steam iron your clothes, this is to make sure that your clothes are not getting messy while travelling.

✔ Try to mix n match your kurtas, skirts, palazzos or other fashion bottoms so that you don’t need to carry to many clothes.

✔ Carry a portable charger if possible, as you will be attending to many events and clicking picture, this will keep you phone alive always.

✔ Try to pack your jewelry and make-up items in different pouches so that it’s easier to find these small things.

✔ Carry a map with you if you wish to explore the place. Everyone will be busy and there will be no one to guide you.

And finally mostly importantly party, travel and enjoy 🙂

Going for a Destination Wedding? We have a checklist for you