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Essentials For Every Fashionable College Going Girl



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With colleges reopening and new plans being made every day- we thought we’d help you stock up your wardrobe with a few things that are important. With this back to college guide, you won’t miss out on any part of the college-fashion experience. While college is often stressful to manage and you’d rather run out of the house in a jeans and a t-shirt, we have a few essentials that we think you should have, so you look your fashionable best irrespective of schedules.

1. Chic Backpack


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On the days that your simple sling bag can’t take the brunt of the books you have, you need to pick up a backpack. As alright as it is for you to go for your laptop bag, we suggest you spunk it up with a cute backpack.

2. Pocket Umbrella


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We can’t explain how important this is. Not only does this keep the harsh sun and the sudden occasional rain away from your outfits, but also your laptop, books and other essentials. This is disaster management 101. Opt for fun and funky colors.

3. Tinted Lip Balm


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Long, tiring days need a little bit of perking up, especially when you’re headed out with friends after. Always have a tinted lip balm on you that keeps your lips hydrated and looking fresh.

4. Biker Jacket


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On the days that you feel the need to dress up a bit, but you just can’t get yourself to pick things to wear? Our solution -White shirt, skinny jeans and a leather jacket to instantly make you look cool with very little effort.

5. Ballet Flat


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Easy to pair up with anything, ballet flats are sure to become your best friend during those hectic college days. In fact, these are so good that you could walk into college in them and grab a dress from a friend and walk into a club without having to worry about your footwear. Get flats in as many colors as you can.

6. Face Mist/Wipes


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We can’t explain how important we think this is. Make sure you wipe your T-zone each time you think your face is accumulating a lot of dirt and spray on some face mist before you head out to next class so you and your skin wakes up.

Essentials For Every Fashionable College Going Girl
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