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Why Cotton Kurtas Are The Best Thing In Summers?


Cotton kurtas are always loved by all women as these goes easily in any occasion. Cotton is the most popular fabric in south-western countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka. But Why only cotton? Cotton is the most easily washable among all fabrics, this is why we prefer to go for cotton as daily wear. Purchasing a cotton kurta can be assuring that this one will be easy to wear and wash among all garments in your wardrobe. It is one of the best fabric to wear in summer as it’s lightweight and breathable.


These kurtas are easy to manage during long outdoor hours in summers without sweat or any discomfort. It’s also suggested to wear cotton as it doesn’t cause any skin problems or irritations unlike other fabrics. One of the most durable materials, cotton kurta can be washed and used several times. A good quality cotton kurta will always maintain the brightness and can be used for years.

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Pairing your kurtas with palazzos or culottes in summers is best as these will give you freeing and trendy look with plenty of comfort. The latest Spring Summer collection of W has kurtas and fashion bottoms to take you style statement to a new level.

Why Cotton Kurtas Are The Best Thing In Summers?