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Best Way to Celebrate Independence Day with Your Women Gang


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Having a girl gang is the most amazing thing. The bonding that you share with your girl gang is one of the strongest as you share your deepest secrets with them, hangout together, gossip, go through ups and downs together and are always there for each other. You just need a reason to gang up with your girlfriends and have a gala time.With a long weekend just around the corner it’s the perfect time to celebrate your friendship this Independence Day.

6 awesome ideas to celebrate this Independence Day!


1. Weekend Getaway

Pack your bags and head out for a vacation with your friends. Spend some quality time and unwind over the weekend and recharge your batteries. Sing, dance, chat, enjoy all through the weekend and make some great memories. Yes participate at getaways independence day celebration to make it more memorable.



2. Spa Relaxation

All of you could spend a day at the spa and pamper yourself with comfort and luxury. Relax your senses and get rid of your stress while getting face packs, massages and sipping herbal tea in a calm environment. Capture your moments with cool selfies to post on FB and Instagram wishing everyone a happy Independence day.


Spa day


3. Lunch Date

Plan a lunch date with your lovely ladies and indulge yourself in delicacies. Head to a fancy place and what is better than a conversation with the best company which gets extended to a coffee session and never ending discussions on what India need to do for woman Independence. I am sure you know what I mean.


lunch date


4. Ladies Night

Time to let your hair down and dance through the night with your special girls. Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to show your moves on desh bhakti music. With most places offering free entry for ladies, dance the night away with your girls and have a blast making this independence day special.


Ladies night


5. Shopping Time

A girl’s favorite pastime is to shop and what better than doing it with your bestie’s in Indian Flag Colors. Head out to the mall wearing your favorite green, saffron and white combination.  Help each other select the latest fashion trends and give your wardrobes an uplift.


Indi attire


6. Makeover Time

Use this weekend to do a group makeover and celebrate your style statements together.Getting funky hair colors – in Indian Flag color shades, sassy haircuts, swanky nail art could be few options to choose from. Make it a group things and flaunt the same style and celebrate India’s Independence.



Best Way to Celebrate Independence Day with Your Women Gang
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