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Be Vocal about Local with W


We all must have heard this term “Vocal About Local”, but why you should be vocal about local? What is the purpose of it? How W is associates with this term so closely? In this blog let’s understand more about this.

On May 12, Tuesday, Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about using local products that are manufactured in India and promoting them proudly. The novel Coronavirus has taught all of us the importance of locally manufactured products, the local supply chain management and the local market. While the nation is going through this crisis, these local products are saving us and keeping us safe. This is not just to improve the economic situation but our responsibility to be vocal about local. The Prime Minister also spoke about using khadi and handloom.

Now coming to W, an Indian brand born in 2001 with the mission to provide complete wardrobe solution to modern Indian women. W has always aimed to provide contemporary Indian ethnic wear in an organized modern retail format. Being 100% Indian, W proudly showcases Indian culture, history and heritage in its every season’s clothing line. If you look at W kurtas, you will find the design, silhouette and fabric, so much Indian yet modern and trendy. In 2018, W launched harit khadi products styled by W, in its Spring-Summer collection. Being a part of Solar Charkha Mission, W has partnered to revive and promote the lost glory of Swadeshi Handwoven fabric that signifies our culture and heritage. W also has Liva women Kurta and Kurta sets which are made of natural based fabric. This helps in sustainable forestry, conservation of water and reducing co2 emission.

If you’ve seen W’s latest Spring Summer’20 Collection, you must have noticed khadi women kurta and Liva W kurta on W’s website. These kurtas are purely made in India to give you an ample amount of comfort and style within an affordable range. And who doesn’t like to have a khadi white kurta filled with tradition, comfort and pride, right? If you haven’t seen the recent W collection, you must check out now. While all of us are at home, taking care of ourselves and our family, W has already opened its stores and delivery services to all zones with all safety measures to provide you safe shopping experience. At this time when the entire nation is going through a crisis, it is time for us to think and do our part in the best possible way we can.

Be Vocal about Local with W

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