An Ultimate Summer Skincare Makeup Guide For You


Makeup and summer, both together can give hard time. Your skin could land up in trouble without the fool-proof protection for makeup as well as skin. Have you bookmarked your days for weddings, parties, and brunch dates? With the sweltering heat reaching new heights and the summer sun seeming more vicious than ever, you might be hesitating in either stepping out or doing your favourite makeup routine. 

However, you don’t need to choose any of the options either, because with W Beauty you are all covered and protected. With the skincare benefits, you can do your favourite makeup routine and step out whenever and wherever you want. 

Let’s move on to our guide for summer makeup essentials which will care for your skin too.

VITA Enriched Liquid Lipstick:

Smudging lipstick in summer is a big eww moment. Hence, to vanish this from your life, W beauty has got VITA enriched liquid lipstick. It features a two-in-one VEGAN formula that keeps your lips pigmented, gives a weightless veil of colour and avocado oil locks the moisture. Along with the trending colours to match all our outfits and occasions, you will get the goodness of skin care agents- Vitamin A, C and E. 

W Face Palette:

Who doesn’t like a beautiful glow with the flush of natural colour and shine? Well, this face palette got your back when you want to do nothing just shine. Even if you want to go with a subtle look or heavy wedding look, this face palette includes blush, bronzer and highlighter. Every shade and colour is made with skincare agents which care for your skin and give you a stunning look without fading and creasing. 

VEGAN Eye Crayon:

Let your eyes do all the talking with W Beauty eye crayons. With the huge range of colours, these easy-to-apply crayons make you dive into the pool of playful colours. The luxury of intense colours care for your skin and leave you to intake all the fun without any touch-up. According to your occasions and look you can go from classic black to party favourite gold and exotic green colour. 

Now you have one-stop-destination to shop from head to toe under your fingertips. Along with makeup, you can get your hands on footwear and apparel.