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After Office Party – Quick Tips To Look Great

Images Sourced: http://www.thecrispycorner.com/
Images Sourced: http://www.thecrispycorner.com/

You are engrossed in office work and suddenly you a get a invite for an impromptu after office party. Well, we all have been in that situation. An after office party is an opportunity to interact with your peers and show your cool side to your co-workers, thus you must attend it. You might be looking your perfect self on that day; not to worry.

You can manage with the basic cosmetics that you carry in your bag and borrowing some from your friends. Follow our easy and quick fix solutions for a quick makeover.

1. Wash And Moisturize Your Face

It’s great if you are carrying a face-wash, if not just splash your face with water and pat-dry it. It will help to get rid of a tired face and moisturize it well so that your skin looks fresh.

2. Highlight Your Eyes

Highlighting the eyes can refresh your look. Your kajal might have been wiped off or smudged at the end of the day. Just clean it with a tissue and redo it , you can do a winged eye or do a smokey eye for a dramatic look.

3. Redo Your Hair

It’s not necessary do be a hair expert for this. Just change your hair parting to the other side , tie a simple braid or pi your hair interestingly to add a twist to your look.

4. Lip Tint

If you raid your bag you will definitely have a lipstick or two in it. Apply a lip balm and then the lip color, apply 2-3 times for a darker effect, as you want a different look from your everyday appearance.

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5. Apply Fragrance

Once you have done up your face and hair all you need is a good fragrance before you step out. A deo, mist, perfume grab whatever you have, use it generously. You smell great and a smiling face be the light of the party to rock.

After Office Party – Quick Tips To Look Great
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