7 Things That Are Common To Happy Couples


As someone who’s been in a relationship for a while now, few things might matter more to you than being part of a happy couplet. In this case, learning and taking inspiration from happy couples is perhaps the best way to build a happy relationship of your own. Here, we take a look at 7 things that are common to all happy couples.image (1)

1. They spend ample time together.

People in happy relationships always make time for each other. Besides spending some time every day, they take off on exciting holidays every few months so they never forget to have fun together.

2. They listen to each other generously.

Every person wants to be heard. This expectation rises several notches for anyone involved romantically with another person. Happy couples understand this expectation and make an effort to listen to their partners regularly.

3. They remain curious about each other.

Happy couples don’t pretend to know everything about each other. Finishing off each other’s sentences might seem wildly romantic, but such predictability kills the mystery in the relationship. Happy couples stay curious about each other.

4. They maintain their personal lives in a relationship.

One of the primary causes for the downfall of a relationship is high interdependence. People in happy relationships have separate thriving worlds that come together and merge, rather than two worlds coming together as a matter of survival.

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5. They understand their partner’s language.

Different people express love differently. While one might show their love through an outpouring of gifts, another might prefer to spend time together — these are love languages. Happy couples know and understand their partner’s love languages.

6. They cultivate common interests.

No matter how different people in a happy relationship might be, they tend to have certain common interests, such as films, music, or cooking. These common interests provide them with the opportunity to bond, and spend more time, over different activities.

7. They’re genuinely happy for each other.

Irrespective of how long it’s been since the relationship started, happy couples continue to remain happy for each other, even when it has nothing to do with them whatsoever. This is a true mark of a happy relationship, and an attribute that all happy couples share.

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