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11 Daily Exercises To Keep You Fit & Healthy



Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, it’s hard to keep fit. Before we realize it, we have a protruding belly and a huge pile of clothes we don’t fit into anymore. No matter how many diet routines we follow, these extra kilos don’t seem to part with us.

Watching what we eat is the first step. But then comes exercise, which is essential to becoming and staying fit. That’s how you can get back into shape and keep the extra kilos off.

Here are eleven daily exercises to keep you fit & healthy:

1. Running

Running is a relatively easy and fun way of losing weight. Just get your favorite running shoes on and set off on a revitalizing run. It doesn’t just help you get back in shape, but also gives you the perfect escape from a monotonous and tiring routine.

Image Source: The Odyssey Online

2. Jump Squats

Jump squats help burn more fat, thus helping you lose more weight. The exercise also helps improve your body balance and mobility.

jump squats
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Here’s a demo video:

3. Planks

Planks are one of the best exercises to get a flat and toned stomach. They help strengthen your core by acting directly on all six main muscles of your abs.

Image Source: Variety Fitness

Here’s a demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiA9j-dR0oM

4. Crunches

Crunches are one of the core training exercises that leads to a well-toned belly. These work all your essential muscles and give them the right definition.

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Here’s a demo video:

5. Jumping Jacks

An extreme fat burning exercise that helps in strengthening your joints and improving oxygen levels in your body, jumping jacks increase you heart rate and contribute to improving blood circulation.

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Image Source: Pop Sugar

Here’s a demo video:

6. Push-ups

These are one of the oldest and most standard forms of exercises to stay fit and maintain a well-toned body. Push-ups especially work wonders on your upper body.

push ups
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Here’s a demo video:

7. Squats

Apart from helping tone your body, squats contribute to improving your other body functions like blood circulation and digestion. They also help build and tone your muscles.

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Here’s a demo video:

8. Lunges

These are the best form of exercise if you want to lose weight around your thighs. Lunges also help strengthen your calves, ankles, and hamstrings.

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Here’s a demo video:

9. Walkouts

These involve full body movement and help strengthen your arm and leg muscles, and the entire core.

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Here’s a demo video:

10. Hip Bridges

Apart from helping develop your muscles, this exercise helps reduce lower back pain. Hip bridges also make you swifter and more active.

hip bridges
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Here’s a demo video:

11. Glute Bridges

This exercise helps you develop a stronger lower body, improves your posture, and helps avoid lower back pain. It’s the best exercise for anyone living a sedentary lifestyle.

glute bridges
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Here’s a demo video:

11 Daily Exercises To Keep You Fit & Healthy
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