Churidars for Women

Churidar pants always play an important role when it comes to traditional dressing. Churidars are tight fit, they are wide at the top and narrow down as the reach ankles. This is to emphasis on the contour of the legs. Usually while stitching they are cut longer that the length of the leg so that the excess length falls loosely over the leg in ripples or folds.
Churidars were basically to provide warmth and comfort for outdoor workout or for showing off one's silhouette of their toned legs. They are often paired with long kurtas for traditional look. You can buy churdars online as these come in variety of colors and sizes. Colors like black, white, red, beige or brown are few must haves for your wardrobe. If you wish to try bold colors, go for gold, purple, olive green, bright yellow. Go for churidar pants and kurta when you feel like wearing ethnic at work as these are easily manageable. You can shop for variety of colors at W for comfortable, confident yet ethnic look.